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Clothes ironing/laundry

The Start-up from Iasi that asked us to help them in their communication on online and offline channels. We delivered them a presentation website, a visual identity, social media communication and printed promotional materials.

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Wordpress / Illustrator & Photoshop
... and our minds

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Presentation platform
and online orders

In 2 clicks you can find out everything you need to know about Collars: where to find them, what they iron and don't iron, prices, subscriptions and how to get them to come to you to pick up your mussy clothes and bring them back to you flat as the highways of Germany.

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Price calculator

If everything's online these days, let's have an online price calculator too. Our software developers have also integrated a calculation module for ironing services to meet customer requirements.

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User-friendly interface

We know that time is the most precious resource: both for you and for your customer. For Collars we have designed an intuitive, one-page website, so that visitors can find all the information in a few clicks.

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Visual identity

Collars - from mussy to flat. In addition to the logo-type, we also inserted a visual element
that subliminally supports the idea of the ironing. Simple, unique and above all easy to identify.

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Visual Social-Media

Oudoor and promotional

Pick-ups and deliveries with Collars truck... Like all materials (simple and respecting the visual idea)

Promotional materials: flyers, posters, loyalty cards, leaflets